Prince William single again as wedding is off

April 14, 2007

Prince William and Kate Middleton split upThe rumored wedding of the future king and his long term girlfriend is just that now as the two have split up. Just last week these two were going to have the wedding of the century and now that are looking for a date.

William, 24, and 25-year-old Kate, who had been together for several years, had faced huge pressures in the public spotlight, with Kate looking likely to one day be Queen.
A “close friend” of the Prince and Miss Middleton told The Sun newspaper: “As far as Kate is concerned, William simply hasn’t been paying her enough attention.”She is stuck in London while he is living in an officer’s mess in Dorset. Kate feels hugely frustrated that their relationship just seems to be going backwards at a rate of knots.”
A source confirmed the relationship had broken down, adding simply: “That’s life.”

How come every celebrity relationship end on good terms and they stay friends?  If they are getting along so well just stay together.  Iwant to see ugly break-ups that result in cars getting destroyed and tell all books being written.  Even that is tough now since most divorce settlements include a clause to not write a book.  Remember high school when you broke up with a girl and rumors got spread that destroyed lives?!?  She was going to be the next queen so this should have gotten ugly!

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