National Enquirer-Hollywood after Dark

April 12, 2007

  • Some lovely items from National Enquirer that are always fun to read!
  • On April 2, Jessica Alba was spotted at Winston’s involved in an intense convo with a guy who was not boyfriend Cash Warren.
  • Of course, Lindsay Lohan made her presence known in her attempt to control the DJ’s play list and then smoking in the club, a MAJOR NO-NO!
  •  “Entourage” star, Kevin Connolly and Haylie Duff were all over each other, and then left together; When will they admit they’re a couple?
  • There’s already trouble in paradise fro Paris Hilton & Josh Henderson; Paris was standing on a couch while people shouted: “You’re so hot,” and “I love you!”  Paris loved it, but Josh told her to sit down.  A PO’d Paris turned on him, yelling: “This is what I do!  This is what people expect me to do!  Let me do what I want, Josh!”  There was tension between the two for the rest of the night.”
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