Ian Ziering offered spread in Playgirl

April 12, 2007

Dancing with the stars can get the old careers of it’s “stars” back on track. For form 90210 stud Ian Ziering it means some new opportunities to show more of his talents.  The former star has been approacahed to do a spread in Playgirl magazine.

The 90210/Dancing star was offered $100,000 to pose for the skin mag, according to In Touch Weekly. But even if he accepts the offer, Ziering will have to wait until his gig on the dance show is over.

There are already reports out that Ian will not be taking it all off for the ladies nd many men that enjoy the fine articles of Playgirl.  Ian’s ex-wife was a playmate and Shannon Doherty was in Playboy so it wouldn’t be like he was breaking new ground.  I guess he is a better choice than Joey Fatone or Cliff from Cheers.

Ian Ziering in Playgirl
Will Ian take the rest off??

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