Haley’s long legs just keeping walk out the door

April 12, 2007

American Idol voters spoke and they said long legs and lots of skin won’t keep you on the show very long as Haley Scarnato was voted off last night. Over the last few weks Haley has become known as the sexy female contestant and Simon Cowell has made a point to make a snide comment about her after each performance.  Haley’s Latin night performance, where she wore short shorts and high hells, missed the mark and she will have to keep those long legs walking until the tour starts.  Of course Sanjaya Malakar was safe again after Simon even gave the long haired “singer” positive feedback after his performance.  The show now has no sexy female members left and the overall talent pool is lackluster at best.  The final 10 should make for a mind numbing tour later this year.

Haley Scarnato gone - Sanjaya safe again
When will they lear that it’s all about the hair?

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