Girls might go wild, but Joe Francis goes to jail

April 10, 2007

Joe Francis, the owner and mastermind behind the successful Girls Gone Wild franchise, has been taken into custody in Florida.

Joe Francis drew the contempt citation during negotiations in a civil lawsuit brought by seven women who were underage when they were filmed by his company on Panama City Beach during spring break in 2003.

Lawyers for the women told a judge that Francis became enraged during the settlement talks, shouting obscenities at the lawyers and threatening to “bury them.”

When taking advantage of half naked college girls while they are too drunk to read what they are signing becomes a crime it will be a sad day for smut peddlers everywhere.  Joe Francis has even filmed Paris Hilton on his own boat as an example to just how classy his work can be when he works with a professional actress.  Joe might work on his new series of DVDs now that he is in prison – Inmates Gone Wild!

Joe Francis Girls Gone Wild in jail
I am all class…trust me!

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