Firefox is the preferred browser of Celebridiot

April 4, 2007

Celebridiot is best viewed with the Firefox Web Browser. Firefox is the fastest growing browser and is taking market share from Internet Explorer every day. The question is why ren’t you using it yet????


  • Enjoy a Better Web Experience
    • Improved Tabbed Browsing
    • Spell Checking
    • Search Suggestions
    • Session Restore
    • Web Feeds (RSS)
    • and more..
  • Streamlined Interface

    • Accessibility
    • Stay Secure on the Web
    • Automated Update
    • and more..
  • Personalize Your Browser
    • Add-ons Manager for Extensions and Themes
    • Search Engine Manager

    For more information about Firefox and how it can make your web experience more enjoyable please visit the site below.

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