Jessica Alba is a movie diva

April 3, 2007

Jessica Alba is apparently letting stardom go to her head on the set of her new movie “The Eye”.  Alba is becoming a super diva and has been making outlandish requests while not living up to the paycheck she is receiving.

She reportedly has been a pain to the cast and crew by not showing up on time to set, demanding that no one look at her, walk near her, or take her picture.
One day she was supposed to wear a pair of jeans with the British insignia, but refused to wear them because she says she is Irish.
On the 28th, all spilled over as she threw insults at Brett, the woman playing the violin for her. She ignored her, demanded that she be given a dress different from hers, though Brett is her double.

Well once you become one of the sexiest women in the world you should be able to make these demands and not have it be that big of a deal.  i know when i go to work I refuse to do any work until I am served breakfast at my desk by a Playboy Playmate and receive a foot massage.  Until that happens you won’t get a minute of work out of me.  For millions of dollars you should be asking to act, direct, cook the food, run errands, and whatever else is asked of you.  Nothing worse than a spoiled celebrity.

Jessica Alba diva of “The Eye”
OK I forgive you.  Get the woman some Irish jeans! NOW!


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