Jessica Simpson is a noisy lover

April 1, 2007

The once virginal Jessica Simpson is apparently no longer so shy about her bedroom antics as guests in a Rome hotel found out.   Jessica is in town wither her boyfriend, John Mayer, and they are taking full advantage of their luxury suite.

When they got back to their room the couple’s energetic bedroom antics could reportedly be heard through the walls.

A source revealed to More magazine: “Jessica and John got back fairly early and stayed in all night. But by the sounds of it, they didn’t get to sleep for a long time.

“This woman was saying she couldn’t believe Jessica sounded like she was getting it on so loudly in the room next door.”

The new hair color took Jessica down a notch on the hottie ladder, but the vocal work in the bedroom raises her up a level or two.  Of course if she performs in bed as well as she acts I can’t see her being all that impressive.  I wonder if John Mayer was able to put a smile on his face during the process because evey picture you see of those two together he looks like he is being forced to hang out with Jessica.  There was some confusion from Jessica when she was overheard saying “Isn’t that what they call a rooster? So will it taste like chicken?” 

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer noisy in bed
No wonder John always looks so damn tired!

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