Paris Hilton faces jail time

March 30, 2007

Could the hotel heiress end up in a small concrete prison cell?  If prosecutors have their way Paris Hilton might have to actually pay a penalty for her reckless ways.

Prosecutors asked a judge on Thursday to revoke Paris Hilton’s probation for reckless driving, which could lead to jail time for the socialite, the City Attorney’s Office said.

A hearing has been set for April 17 for prosecutors to argue that Hilton, 26, violated the terms of her probation by knowingly driving with a suspended license, said Nick Velasquez, a spokesman for the city attorney, Rocky Delgadillo.

If there was anytime for Paris to end up in a big court case it would be right when The Simple Lifeis about to come back on the air.  That plus her new breasts could make season 5 the most watched yet.  Anyone else would have already served time in prison, but a lot of money can get you out of those situations.  Girls save up your cigs and you might be able to buy Paris for a few nights – she gives it up for a few drinks and cigs in prison are like gold!

Paris Hilton in jail?
Get used to those stripes Paris!

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