Is Aguilera a lip syncing phony?

March 30, 2007

The “dirty” blonde singer with the powerful voice has ruffled the feathers of some fans in the New York area ater apparently being caught lip syncing during her set.

Audiences at the Madison Square Garden show were alerted to the possibility that the Dirrty singer might have been miming through the entire set when she encountered undisclosed technical problems.

The blonde star’s manager Irving Azoff admitted there were some sound-related problems during the show, but did not comment on the allegations that Christina was lip-syncing.

You mean to tell me that Britney and Ashlee aren’t alone when it comes to pretending to sing? Could Christina be the nextMilli Vanilli?  Maybe she suffers from acid reflux or possible she was using a background track to enhance her vocals in the old arena with poor sound quality.  I can’t wait to hear the excuse or see a video of the event.  If she did some sort of funny dance and ran off the stage you know she took lessons from Joe Simpson.

Lip Syncing rumors swirl around Aguilera
What else is phony about Christina?

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