Eminem and Kim agree to be nice

March 27, 2007

Being nice does not mean that the two are getting back together, but they have decided to act like adults.  The on again off again couple that has had their share of bad press have made some concessions to make life easier for their daughter.

Eminem and Kim Mathers agreed Monday not to criticize each other in public for the sake of their daughter.

The decision was made following a court hearing in which the 34-year-old rap superstar and his ex-wife agreed that insulting each other could prove harmful to their 11-year-old daughter, Hailie.

I think it’s sweet that two rich adults can decide to be nice to each other and stop claiming the other one is the spawn of Satan so that their daughter doesn’t grow up to hate them both.  What exactly to these two have to be so angry about anyway?  The millions of dollars? The big houses and cars?  The not having to worry about how they will pay the bills for the next 60 years?  Grow up people!  Of course if he is nice to Kim how will it make his next CD?

Eminem and Kim will play nice
Don’t they look happy?

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