Stephanie Edwards gone….Sunjaya still there!

March 22, 2007

Another hopeful is gone from American Idol and it was one of the better performers to be sent packing.  Stephanie Edwards, little Beyonce, was voted off this evening.  With Stephanie in the bottom two this week was Chris Richardson, the wannabe Justin Timberlake, who had seemed to be a crowd favorite.  The British Invasion show was weak overall and this years batch of singers lacks the star power seen in previous years.  Melinda and LaKisha have great voices, but would you pay any money to see them live for 2 hours?  The most star ready finalist remaining is Blake Lewis who seems to have a strong stage presence and the ability to perform.

Sunjaya is so awful he has apparently developed a large following that is keeping him around in order to find out how many other way he can wear his hair.  Rumor has it he will whip out a velvet scrunchie or butterfly clips!  That will wow the fans!

Stephanie Edwards voted off idol
Bye Stephanie!

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