What happened to Nicole Richie?

March 22, 2007

Nicole Richie has been falling ill on the set of her reality show recently and a reason may have just come forward. The pseudo-star was diagnosed with a blood disorder that fits well with her other issues.

“In her ongoing effort to focus on her well-being, Nicole has recently been diagnosed with hypoglycaemia. “(She) is taking steps to manage it.”

This disorder works really well with her eating disorder.  Another reason whay you might feel faint from low blood sugar is a failure to actually eat anything all day. Don’t you think that after she underwent all the tests when she had drug and eating issues some doctor would have said something about this?  Just seems a bit to convenient. Also you have to see her new look because she either had some work done or had a serious allergic reaction to something.

Nicole Richie BeforeNicole Richie Surgery?
Hypoglycaemia, eating disorders, and new lips?? 

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