Keanu Reeves bruises photog with car

March 21, 2007

It appears that paparazzi can not avoid the car the same way Neo can avoid some bullets.  Keanu Reeves apparently had a minor run in with a photog … more specifically his car did.

“(The photographer) was standing in the street in front of Mr. Reeves’ 1996 Porsche when he was grazed by the car,” said Deputy Sheriff Oscar Butao.

Police are investigating the incident, Butao said.

The extent of the photographer’s injuries were unknown, Butao said. Reeves was not hurt.

MY GOD HE WAS GRAZED!!  How do you all the cops for this?  You know what happens when you stand in traffic all day?  You eventually will get your ass run over.  I think the police should put the photographer in prison for being an idiot and wasting tax payers dollars by having the police file a report.  A 1996 Porsche?  Come on Neo can’t you get something from this century?

Keanu runs down photographer
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