Uma Thurman..Wedding or Break-up?

March 20, 2007

Rumor of a possible marriage are apparently no so accurate as Uma and her long time boyfriend have decided to go in a different direction and break-up.

This is the second time that the couple, who have been seeing each other for the past three years, have decided to call of their relationship. Last year the 36 year-old actress was seen at the 2006 Oscars without Balazs, and at the ceremony, Thurman had said that though they had separated, they will still remain good friends.

I love how they always remain close friends.  It’s not like Uma needs to sty close to him to get a discount at his hotels or anything.  Why can’t couples break up like real people and hate each other?  Maybe key a car or something nasty like that.  All of these amicable splits are just a waste of time – why even bother dating?!

Uma Thurman single again
Uma is single again…anyone interested?

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