Baby Shiloh to get movie role with daddy

March 14, 2007

Brad Pitt is keeping some roles in his next film for family – namely his little baby girl Shiloh.

“Brad and Shiloh saved the day when twin sisters hired to take turns playing actress Cate Blanchett’s character as a baby wouldn’t settle down,” a source told National Enquirer magazine

“Everyone waited in vain while the babies were fed, changed and hugged – but nothing worked to calm them on the set in New Orleans.

“Then quick-thinking Brad realised his daughter’s happy and mellow disposition made her a quick fix for the role.”

There is no word on how much it will cost the film company to use the image of baby Shiloh in the upcoming film, but I am guessing he will sell the footage for a few million dollars.  If you can’t make money off of your own celebrity child then why would you even bother having one.  Rumor has it Angelina will now protest the movie for child labor issues and insist on adopting the twin girls that were bumped from their role.

Brad gets Shiloh a movie role
Nepotism rules!

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