Rocky on Roids

March 13, 2007

Rocky Balboa is not all natural.  Stalone, who was stopped in a Sydney, Australia airport for illegal muscle building drugs, has been charged with a crime.

American actor Sylvester Stallone was summonsed to appear in a Sydney court today charged with importing a prohibited import aboard a commercial flight into Australia in February.

Stallone, 60, was issued with the court attendance notice to apear at Downing Local Court today, following a Customs service investigation into his alleged importation of performance and image enhancing drugs – namely 48 vials of  human growth hormone

How many vials of that stuff do you need for a short promotional tour in Australia and don’t these rich people have contacts in other places?  What there is no Gold’s Gym in Sydney? I don’t belive that Rocky would cheat.  I know a lot of 60 years old guys that can benchpress a car.  Everyone knows that Dra

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