Mario Vasquez Idol Sex Scandal

March 13, 2007

Just as the Antonella Barba scandal is beginning to die down a Season 4 contestant has stolen the spotlight.  Mario Vasquez, who left the show to pursue a recording contract, is being sued by a former Idol employee for sexual harassment.

News has broke that former “American Idol” finalist Mario Vasquez is being sued for allegedly tying to masturbate in front of a male employee. The incident reportedly happened in a bathroom on the set of “American Idol” in 2005. The lawsuit was discovered after it was filed earlier today by the male employee’s lawyer.

Mario what were you thinking?  Every knows it ain’t no shame if it goes down the drain so why can’t you keep that type of activity to the shower?  How this stayed hidden for almost 2 years is amazing.  Does Mario have any money left from that lousy song he put out earlier this year?  Personally I am a much bigger fan of Antonella’s scandal that really wasn’t.  Mario you are just dirty!

Mario Vasquez sexual harassment
Mario where is your other hand??  Oh not again!!!!

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