American Idol Final 12 – Antonella Barba goes home

March 9, 2007

The dream ended tonight for 4 contestants including the most popular girl on the Internet – Antonella Barba.  She took her photo fame as far as it could go and I think she will be fine.  I give her 3 months before she is on the cover of FHM or Maxim.  The biggest shock of the night was the elimination of Sabrina Sloan who had some very solid performances in each of the elimination weeks.  Haley Scarnato advanced after a shaky song choice last night, but I guess America felt she had something that I didn’t see.  Pretty boy Jared Cotter got the hook after trying to get by on his looks and boring performances.  The shock of the night was Sundance Head being bounced and Sanjaya moving on to the top 12.  What did the voters see in Sanjaya that the judges didn’t?  Maybe they felt the new hair style gave him an edge.  Overall though maybe is right because two African Americans and one fat guy were bounced!  Damn racists and weightist show!


Antonella Barba Sabrina Sloan Jared Cotter Sundance Head


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