RIP Captain America

March 8, 2007

Captain America killed by a sniper

Captain America, an American icon since 1941, has been killed off in the new issue of “Civil War” series.

The world lost a hero Wednesday: Captain America was gunned down by assassins.

The superhero’s death in Captain America No. 25 is the latest development in Marvel Comics’ long-running “Civil War” story line, in which the American government is cracking down on superheroes, requiring them to register or be declared traitors. Captain America had resisted the government and was killed on his way to trial.

“This has been rumored for a long time, but I’m still amazed that Marvel had the audacity to actually go through with it,” says Mike Banks, owner of Samurai Comics in Phoenix.

Superheroes die all the time so I think he will come back ina future issue.  Superman died and so did Robin, but they both cam back to fight the good fight!

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