Kanye West pays $3,900 for dinner delivery!

March 6, 2007

When it comes to wastingmoney look no further than Kanye West.  The rapper, that is known more for his telethon comment about George Bush hating black people and flipping out for not winning music awards than his music, wanted some special food brought in from another country. 

Kanye West is to feast on a USD4,000 curry – delivered from Britain to the US.

The rapper will settle down to a continent-busting takeaway feast of biryanis, bhajees, breads, poppadums, fish dishes and curried vegetables from Raj’s in Newport, South Wales.

Granted, Kanye did not pay for this food, but he could have stepped up and said that the money being wasted on the delivery of a few $20 dinners could be better used to help hurricane victims or another charity.  It amazes me at the amount of money that is thrown away when someone becomes a celebrity.  I hope that $4,000 meal was tasty Kanye because I saw about 20 homeless guys picking dinner out a trash can today in NYC.

 Kanye West and his $4,000 dinner

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