Nicole Richie dehydrated

March 3, 2007

The oh so thin reality star that was rumored to have an eating disorder apparenlty forgot how to drink water.

The Simple Life star was treated for dehydration Friday while working on the E! reality series.

Richie apparently felt ill, was examined by an on-set doctor and then taken to a nearby hospital. She received intravenous fluids for 15 minutes and was released.

Poor Nicole can’t catch a break lately. Driving the wrong way down a highway, possible jail time if she is found guilty, relationship issues, drus, and now she goes dry.  With all of her people around you would hope one of them woul dbe in charge of telling Nicole when to drink something.  Redbull and vodka does not count as a good replinishing fluid after a tough days work.

Nicole Richie treated for dehydration
There’s your problem — you have to swallow it!


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