Four hopefuls out on Idol

March 2, 2007

Another hour long episode so America can watch the dreams of four people get destroyed and then try to sing.  I always wonder why they make these poor people sing after hearing about being voted off and losing out on millions of dollars.  Tonight on the guys side there really wasn’t any surprises since 8 of them really should be going home anyway.  Nick and AJ were shown the door, but AJ did deserve to survive another week since his performance last night was excellent. 

The ladies had a surprise whan Alaina was told her idol dream was over because I thought she had a solid performance last night and was better than atlast 4 of the other ladies.  The other elimination was not as surprising since her song choice last night was good for her, but awful for the show.  That person was Leslie who went with a scating jazz number that know one liked be her.

Next week they will bring it down to he final 10!

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