Was Eddie Murphy a sore loser ?

February 28, 2007

Losing the Best Supporting Actor award on Sunday might have been too much for the sulky comedian to handle.  Reports have surfaced that the actor needed some a lone time after the announcement.

When Alan Arkin was announced as the winner, the entire downstairs bar erupted into rapturous applause, but a short-tempered Eddie left shortly after with girlfriend Tracey Edmonds. He snapped: “It’s fine. It happens. It’s OK.”

Murphy wasn’t even around to enjoy his co-stars singing their nominated song or to see Jennifer Hudson win the Best Supporting Actress award.  Eddie should be happy he was nominated for his role considering some of his previous bombs.  Maybe Ellen’s opening monologue where she spoke about the pressure and make or break opportunity was just too much for Gumby! (If you have no seen that SNL skit go get The Best of Eddie Murphy)

Eddie Murphy stoms out of the Oscars
Did Eddie get pissy at the Oscars??


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