Anna Nicole’s Mother wants the body!

February 27, 2007

The verdict last week giving Anna’s body to her infant daughter is being appealed by Anna’s mother because she wants the body!

A Florida appeals court has suspended a lower court ruling that would have allowed the burial of former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith in the Bahamas.

The Fourth District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach has granted an emergency petition by Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, to stop a court-appointed guardian for Smith’s five-month-old daughter from taking the body to the islands, where Smith lived the final months of her life.

At the rate they are making this decision Anna will be dust by the time someone gets the body. Why don’t they just cremate Anna and split her ashes into three equal parts so everyone has something to take back home. Some dust in Texas, some next to Marilyn Monroe, and some in the Bahamas. This is why you make an iron clad will stating how you want your remains handled. Anna’s life was a big circus so she is probably looking down at this drunk off her ass and laughing!

Anna's mom appeals court ruling
Not exactly mom f the year is she?

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