American Idol Antonella Barba – More Pictures

February 27, 2007

Antonella is safe on idol and from the popularity of her pictures I think she will have plenty of fans when she is booted off the show! If she does come out with a music CD I hope it has solid cover art. If they can make Britney Spears sound decent when she sings I am sure there is a way to make Antonella sound like Christina Aguilera or something!


If she could only sing this good!

more on page 2….


Maybe a future as a sports caster…


or a florist?

Just throwing some choices out there for her!

It would be hard to imagine her getting voted off this week no matter how badly she sings. She is the most searched person on the internet and that will keep her going at least until the final 2 are eliminated. The longer she sticks around the more money will be waiting for her when she is off the show from a number of magazines and interview shows!

antonella-barba-8.jpg antonella-barba-9.jpg antonella-barba-10.jpg antonella-barba-11.jpg antonella-barba-5.jpg antonella-barba-1.jpg antonella-barba-2.jpg antonella-barba-3.jpg antonella-barba-4.jpg

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