Timberlake disses Biel!

February 24, 2007

The short lived rumored romance between Justin Timberlake and Jessica “The Body” Biel is apparently over before it really got going.

The My Love singer ran into Biel on Valentine’s Day at Los Angeles club Social Hollywood.Despite briefly exchanging whispers, the pair spent most of the night on opposite sides of the lounge.They took great pains to avoid each other and, at one point, were both out on the dance floor with other partners, dancing back-to-back.A Timberlake pal tells US Weekly, “He doesn’t want a girlfriend. He doesn’t want to settle down.”

Look I get that Timberlake is one of the hottest recording star in the world right now and could have any woman he wanted, but this is Jessica Biel! Hell if you don’t want to settle down just get comfortable for a few months and see what happens! However, dancing back to back with Jessica can be all bad because you know that booty was a movin’!

Timberlake ignores Biel
Just you are an IDIOT!!

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