American Idol drops 4…but do we care?

February 23, 2007

The round of 24 – that is already 20 too big – eliminated four of the “talents”.  Two of the girls and two of the boys were sent home in typical drawn out Idol fashion.  The four eliminated this evening were Rudy Cardenas, Paul Kim, Amy Krebs, Nicole Tranquillo.  The only surprise was that Anotonella Barba wasn’t sent packing after an awful showing last night, but I guess a partial nude photo will win some votes.  

The most annoying part of the elimination night is having the booted contestants sing the song that no one voted for the previous night.  Why not have them sing something different so the judges can comment on how if they had chosen that song originally they would still be safe!  That would make the show worth watching! 


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