Ray Liotta busted for DUI

February 19, 2007

Celebrity screw-ups are leading the way this holiday weekend and Ray Liotta made sure he wasn’t left out.  The actor had a little problem with avoiding parked cars and it landed him behind bars.

Hollywood actor Ray Liotta has been charged with driving under the influence after his car allegedly struck two parked cars in Los Angeles Saturday.

I will never understand how these rich celebs can’t afford a few bucks for a cab or find a designated driver.  Nicole Richie, Mel Gibson, and Liotta are lucky they didn’t kill anyone and will be able to make up for their mistakes, but will they learn from them?  At some point they will have to make an example out of someone and throw them behind bars for a couple of years.  If this was “Goodfellas” you know he would end up in a meat locker someplace.

Ray Liotta busted for DUI

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