Howard Stern announces engagement

February 14, 2007

Not that Howard Stern the one that is famous for raunchy radio.  The original shock jock announced plans to wed his longtime girlfriend.

Stern, 53, said that he popped the question to the 34-year-old model-actress Tuesday night by first asking her another, namely,  “Do you want your Valentine’s Day gift now?”

Stern went on to detail the R-rated romantic encounter (in uncensored detail on his Sirius Satellite Radio show, natch), wherein he insisted his betrothed to strip down before he surprised her with the ring.

Stern has been doing pretty well for himself since he left FM radio.  Sirius Radio has been doing well, Stern received a nice chuck of stock options worth millions, and he is marrying a gorgeous woman. Who would have thought the Howard Stern leading the most normal life is the shock jock and Anna’s lawyer is a complete train wreck? 

Howard Stern engaged
Stern keeps shocking us by annoucning

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