Nicky Hilton sued over hotel project

February 13, 2007

It’s nice to see Paris’ sister finally getting some press.  I thought she vanished a few years ago after that marriage of hers.  Of course, like Paris, the news is not glowing.  It appears that the Hilton Hotel heiress is having some problems with a hotel project of all things.

A Chicago development group is suing heiress Nicky Hilton for breach of contract over a delayed hotel renovation project just south of the city’s downtown.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court, Robert Falor Investments and Grand USA Hotel Supply & Restaurant allege Hilton hasn’t kept up her end of an April 2006 agreement in which she promised to promote the redevelopment project known as Nicky O’s Chicago, a Nicky Hilton Hotel.

To think i alays felt that Niky would be the Hilton to stay on the straight and narrow.  You just can’t put your faith in spoiled rich girls that have no self control and even less sense of responsibility.  At what point to peopl stop hitching their star to the Hitlon sisters’ wagon hoping for some sort of return?  It is nice to get some initial press, but when these two get involved in anything it never ends with a story about how wonderful they held up their end of a deal.  On the bright side at last Nicky kept her panties on and the cameras out of the bedroom.

Nicky Hilton sued
WANTED: For being useless!

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