Judge doesn’t allow Paris to be exposed

February 4, 2007

It took the work of a Federal judge to do what no one in the history of the world has been able to do – Keep Paris From Exposing Herself. Technically he stopped ParisExposed.com from exposing Paris so the actual person can still flash her good to the world.

The injunction issued Friday temporarily bars the Web site from releasing Hilton’s Social Security number, health data and other personal information.

Hilton’s spokesman, Elliott Mintz, said Saturday he was pleased by the move.

“I know what this has done personally and emotionally to Paris,” Mintz said. “As far as I’m concerned, this is the most disturbing intrusion upon the privacy of a public figure that I’ve ever witnessed. “

I read that quote and I ask myself how is this the most disturbing intrusion upon Paris Hilton? Isn’t this the woman that was featured in a self titled DVD that she tried to steal from a corner news stand? Hasn’t she flaunted her body for money for yeas and years with no sign of trying to shy away from the press? If you ask me this site was just another in a long list of stupid decisions made by an idiot that have been thrust on the world for our enjoyment.

Paris Hilton Burger
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