Pamela Anderson and the Kid all done

February 2, 2007

The four marriages and whirlwind romance wasn’t enough to save these two from Borat.  Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock couldn’t overcome the odds of a celebrity marriage surviving in the spotlight of Hollywood.

According to court documents, neither party will be legally allowed to marry others until after May 28, due to a minimum six-month waiting period.

Anderson, 39, and Kid Rock, 36, have both waived any claims for spousal support.

My god they can’t marry for 6 months?  What will they do just stay single and sleep around like before?  What kind of life is that to lead anyway?  If these two couldn’t make it work what hope do the rest of us have of finding out soul mate and having a lifetime of happiness.  At least Pam found it in her heart to get back on the cover of Playboy to find some peace and bring smiles to the faces of 19 year old boys everywhere.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Officially Divorce

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