Tara Conner’s cocaine confession

February 1, 2007

Miss USA came out of rehab with a new found respect for the truth…..and TV gossip show interviews.  Tara Conner, the recovering alcoholic that started the Trump/Rosie feud, has decided to empty out all of the skeletons in her closet and discuss al of her addictions.

“Cocaine was one of the drugs that I did use,” she said. “It’s hard to look back at that.”

Alcohol, though, was her biggest vice.

“I’m an alcoholic. It was a craving thing — once I put it in my body, I would start craving more,” said Conner, who notes she drank heavily but was not “getting sloppy drunk and dancing on tables.”

If you aren’t sloppy and dancing on the tables drunk you don’t have a problem you are just having a good time. Of course she didn’t say that she wasn’t throwing up while kneeling to the porcelain Buddha either now did she. The cocaine is a nice twist which should add some viewers to her exclusive interviews, magazine interviews, photo shoots, and whirl wind press tour. This goes to show you that winning Miss USA is nice, but alcohol nd drug abuse will get you rich – just like a rock star!


Tara Conner admits cocaine use



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