Seinfeld ordered to pay up $100,000

January 19, 2007

Jerry Seinfeld has lost a court battle with a real estate agent that picked the Sabbath over the comic.

A Manhattan judge has ruled the 52-year-old comedian owes about that much as a commission to the broker who helped him find a town house on the Upper West Side that he and wife Jessica bought for $3.95 million in February 2005.

Seinfeld had argued that the broker, Tamara Cohen, didn’t deserve the commission because she failed to show the West 82nd Street brownstone on the Jewish Sabbath, the day the Seinfelds wanted to see it.

The story goes on to say that Seinfeld bought the property, but dealt directly with the owner because the agent was unreachable on a Saturday.  I can understand Jerry and his wife wanting to see the house again right away so they could make a decision, but I think the owner of the house should have taken some responsibilty for cutting out the agent. The owner knew an agent showed the house and by trying to get sneaky they were going to give the agent the shaft.  If you want to see houses on a Saturday find a real estate agent that isn’t so religious or one that values the almighty dollar above everything else.

Jerry Pays Up!
Hey at least I didn’t pull a Kramer!


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