Britney shells out $40k for night in Vegas with new Boy Toy

January 15, 2007

Looks like Britney hasn’t learned from her disastrous relationship and marriage to K-Fed.  She has no taken her new model/actor/whatever to Vegas and shelled out a pretty penny for a night of fun.

Sources tell PEOPLE the couple stayed in the tower’s $40,000-a-night, two-story Hugh Hefner Sky Villa on Saturday, where a Jacuzzi pool, a glass elevator, an 8-ft. rotating bed and a full bar are among the amenities.

You have to wonder what the hell she is thinking.  With all that she has riding on her divorce and she is still acting like an idiot.  She has two little kids, millions of dollars, and a bundle of bad press which isn’t going to help her keep the first two come trial time. On top of all that her new boyfriend is just another K-Fed hopeful that will probably want Britney to foot the bill for hi first full length kung fu action film.

Hey look it’s Brit and K-Fed! Wait
It’s K-Feds clone!

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