All James Brown Jr. gets is the name

January 12, 2007

Being the 5 year old son of the Late James Brown and carrying on the singer’s name apparently is not good enough to get you in the will.

Attorneys representing James Brown’s estate have said that the late singer’s five-year-old son was not mentioned in his will, which was read Thursday to six of Brown’s other children, all of whom were provided for in some way.  

The little boy in question, James Jr., is Brown’s son with partner Tomi Rae Hynie, a former backup singer who became his constant companion in the later years of his life. Hynie also maintains that she was married to the Godfather of Soul, but his attorneys have contested her claim, saying she was still legally married to another man when she and Brown got hitched. 

It’s one thing to leave the mother out of the will if he had some sort of issues with her, but to not put aside an education fund or anything for his son is just cold.  If the other 6 children that are getting a cut of the estate have even an ounce of heart they will look after his half brother. 

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