Paris Hilton doesn’t know how to pump gas

January 9, 2007

Just when you think you won’t hear about Paris Hilton she goes and impresses everyone.  This time she proved that all the money in the world can’t be enough brains to fill up a gas tank.

The blonde heiress was caught by paparazzi running out of fuel for the 200K+ vehicle in LA no less than three times.

Her first fuel slow down began shortly after leaving the Dream Catcher salon Page Six reports, when her car puttered to a stop. Rather than getting out to push the swanky new ride to the nearest refuel station, the paps made a friendly move, offering to get unleaded for the lady.

What’s great about this story is one of the photog runs off to get gas for the car!  How the hell do you spend $200,000 on a car and not fill the damn thing up?  You think the valet at the salon would have run it to the station and topped that bad boy off for her….think maybe she is a bad tipper and they were just waiting to laugh at her?

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