Paris runs out on her bill

January 1, 2007

Being rich doesn’t mean you are above a dine and dash.  Paris Hilton reportedly did just that in Australia over the New Years weekend according to reports.

SHE is one of the world’s richest women, but that didn’t stop Paris Hilton skipping out on a $9.80 bill at a Sydney cafe yesterday.

Ms Hilton left a barely nibbled hamburger sitting on a plate at Sloanes Cafe in Paddington and wandered off to continue shopping, having forgotten to pay for a mineral water and a frappe.

“She’s got bucketloads of money and she didn’t pay for her drinks,” said a waitress, Jo Pfahl.

If a customer at a Hilton hotel decide to skip out on a bill could they use the excuse that I am just doing the same thing that the owner’s daughter does? What is the deal with the rich of the world thinking that because they are rich they deserve to get everything for free?  My guess is a press release will come out saying Paris thought her assistant was going to pay the bill and Paris will apologize and give the waiter $100.

Paris skips out on her bill
MMMM….free food is better food!
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