Rosie and The Donald trade more insults

December 29, 2006

You would hope that these two would have better things to do in there lives then to bad mouth each other.  These two are both in a position to impact the lives of a lot of people and they best they can do is stoop to name calling.

… new bombs dropped by both, with Trump calling O’Donnell a “big, fat pig” and “bully” who was “cracking up” after O’Donnell posted writings on her blog implying Trump was a “pimp.”

These two are so classy it is scary.  This really proves the point that money can not by class on any level.  Donald Trump gave a young woman a second chance for making some mistakes that most 20 year old college students make every day and that it not something to be ashamed about, but Rosie has to be heard.  Feel free to read all of Rosie’s thought in her blog.

Rosie and Donald fight on
Combined Net Worth: $3Billion
Combined Class: ZERO
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