Michael Jackson to try for Vegas comeback?

December 27, 2006

The freak show we call Michael Jackson is apparently thinking of making a comeback in a city where sideshows are common – Las Vegas.

Jackson and his three children arrived in Las Vegas over the weekend, where the musician has reportedly decided to relocate while attempting to revive his musical career.

Jackson’s Sin City move was reportedly motivated by businessman Jack Wishna, who confirmed that the Gloved One was indeed in Vegas but declined to elaborate exactly what he was doing there.

A Vegas comeback is a good idea since most tourists are willing to throw down $200 to see a stage show that costs a fraction of that anyplace else in the world.  Plus the audience changes every day and since there is a chance his face might fall off during a performance its worth the price of admission!

Michael Jackson comeback?
And my stage show with have horns that shoot
out of my head that steal your children!

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