Hilary Duff says Nicole Richie is a skank!

December 22, 2006

Hilary Duff was just made into a Barbie Doll and she is out there calling Nicole Richie a skank!

Duff is less than impressed with reports that Madden ran to Richie’s scrawny arms immediately following their breakup, reports Us Weekly.

Madden has allegedly been trying to re-establish contact with his girlfriend of over two years, but Duffy “doesn’t want to talk to him,” a source tells the magazine, adding “She can’t believe he’s dating Nicole and thinks she’s a skank.”

Once again celebrities find it impossible to move outside o the same circles when it comes to finding men. I think Hollywood is like a big high school where everyone knows everyone else and they all are nice to each other, but in reality wish everyone else would just drop dead.  To think I thought Hilary was above this after the Lindsay Lohan Aaron Carter debacle from her teens.

Hilary Duff Barbie

Would Barbie call anyone a skank?

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