Eminem gets new material with new divorce

December 20, 2006

The divorce papers are getting higher and higher in celebrity land these days with Eminem throwing his name into the hat.  The second go round with his wife has ended like the first – divorce.

Under questioning by Macomb County Circuit Judge Antonio P. Viviano, the couple said they understood the divorce was final and that they agreed to divide property under terms of a private settlement.

Viviano said the couple “conducted themselves with dignity and respect. … All in all they are a very fine couple to deal with.”

When you think about which celebrity couple would produce the cleanest and most civil divorce raise your hand if you thought Eminem would be the one? On the bright side of a second failed marriage is the fact that he usually produces some solid tracks from the anger and angst, but from the sound of it he might not have enough anger to even write a children’s book.

Eminem divoce #2
Will they try for #3?

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