Nick Lachey tells Jessica he is getting married

December 16, 2006

Nick Lachey has informed his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, that he is planning to tie the knot. All this so she won’t find out through the press.

According to the National Ledger website, Nick told Jessica: “I’m getting married again Jess and I wanted you to hear it from me.”
The former 98 Degrees singer is allegedly hoping to be married by the end of the year.
Despite being the first to file for divorce, Jessica reacted badly to the news.
A source said: “She knew Nick and Vanessa were serious, but this threw her. She did her best to contain her emotions.”

I feel bad for Jessica on this one. I mean how often dos the rebound girl become the next wife? usually she gets knocked up and end up with a nice check every month with a tell all book. After that the guy embarks on string of meaningless one night stands and poor career choices. We all here wish Nick and Vanessa all the best!

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