Nicole Richie busted for DUI and admits to drug use

December 12, 2006

It looks like Nicole Richie is even more of a lightweight than was originally suspected in more ways than one.  Richie was arrested yesterday on charges of driving under the influence.

Nicole Richie was arrested for driving under influence early on Monday after being spotted driving the wrong way down a motorway, police and reports said…..told officers she had taken prescription painkillers and marijuana.

Not only was she unable to handle her drugs she was officially weighed in at booking at a staggering 85 pounds.  I will never understand why these rich celebrities can’t get themselves a car service to drive them home after a night of drinking and drugging.  Can’t they afford $100 for a nice town car home from the club?  You would think that smoking some pot would at least cause her to eat a bag of Doritos and gain some damn weight.

Nicole Richie DUI Arrest
Please sir might I have a Big Mac?

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