Elizabeth Hurley find normal folk exhausting

December 10, 2006

In a way to appeal to the average person Elizabeth Hurley has made a lovely public relations comment recently.

British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley only keeps celebrity best friends as it’s “too exhausting” to hang around non-famous people. The star, who plans to wed partner Arun Nayar in India next year (07), insists she can only befriend fellow celebrities, because members of the public “bother” her.

For an actress that is really on the fringes of still being considered a celebrity she has some set of balls on her.   In about 6 months she will be one of us normal  people and all of her celebrity friends might find her to be exhausting and not worth their time.  What will you do then Liz!!!!

Elizabeth Hurley so tired
These people are just making me want to take a nap!

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