Eddie Murphy to Mel B: I want a blood test!

December 8, 2006

Eddie Murphy is not a beaming father to be these days.  The actor/comic is not truly convinced that Mel B, AKA Scary Spice, is actually carrying his baby.

When asked if he was looking forward to becoming a father again he said: “You’re being presumptuous, because we’re not together any more and we don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test.

“You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

Nice to see that Eddie is calling the future mother of his child a bit of a whore.  I think what these two should do is call Maury Povich and go on the show to take a paternity test.  Maury does a great job of helping women test dozens of men to determine  the true father.  If they want to keep this as classy as it is shaping up to be this is the best option.

Eddie Murphy and Mel B have baby issues
Baby?  What baby?  What happened to all those
rumors that I was into guys???

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