George Clooney pet pig passes away

December 5, 2006

George Clooney’s pet, the luckiest pig in the world, has passed away.

Max, who lived at Clooney’s Hollywood Hills home, died “peacefully” of natural causes on Friday, Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, said by phone Monday.

“Max, like any pet, became a member of the family,” Rosenfield said. “He was a big pig, as pigs go. I can’t tell you how much he weighed.”

Well that pig had one hell of a life living in the Hollywood Hills.  It’s ashame George wasn’t around to be with his pig, but he was with Danny DeVito last week so that is like the same thing since he is about the same size as Max.

George Clooney's pet pig
RIP Max Clooney

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