Celebridiot Movie Review – Casino Royale

November 26, 2006

To begin with I am not a James Bond fan and I saw this movie because nothing else was playing that i really wanted to see.  With that being stated I enjoyed this movie from start to finish.  With all the talk about Daniel Craig not having the typical Bond look or feel was just a lot of bad press if you ask me. He had a great edge to him that made the character more believable than I any of the recent Bond films.  Also, the film strayed away from the recent pattern of over the top special effects, ridiculous story lines, unreal weapons, and toys that created an unbelievable movie.  This incarnation of Bond had to rely on his ability to use his hands and a gun to survive. If you enjoy a nice spy movie that leans toward the violent side this film will keep you engaged from credits to credits.

Casino Royale
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