OJ killer confessions on E-bay

November 25, 2006

OJ Simpson’s “How to” book that was canceled before it saw the light of day has appeared on E-bay.

Online auction site eBay is under fire for selling copies of O.J. Simpson’s hypothetical story of how he would have killed ex-wife Nicole Brown.

Publisher Harper Collins canceled next week’s release after a public outcry and said all copies would be destroyed, but two copies are currently on eBay. Offers are currently reaching $222,000.

Searches on E-Bay didn’t result in any results for OJ’s killer book, so I am assuming it has been pulled from the auction list.  Maybe he thought this book would have brought the real killer or killers froward at a book signing or something.  I am sure he will be able to find them on the golf course in Florida or while he makes some more prank DVDs.

“If I did it I would have taken a
better mug shot!”
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